Follow to Find – Living Dreams


Friends On the Road
Visiting Friends on the Road

Leaving a house of new friends with a belly full of breakfast, bodies renewed with hospitality and hearts rejuvenated with fellowship we embrace each other in farewell and hang prayers of love on each other’s mantle. Feeling inspired and looking to the horizon we depart.

Slipping across the flat lands dancing with the tossed and twirling tumbleweeds our little sanctuary on wheels weaves its way to our next city of destiny. What happened ‘then’ we leave in the reverb of the nights decay and take with us only the lessons of celebration and surrender.

WhiteBird Performing In Brooks AB
On stage in Medicine Hat, Alberta

From immeasurable heights of shared joy and communal celebration to the suffering of self judgement this journey of musical expression is proving to be a process of physical communion and personal introspection with all roads leading to healing the mind and opening the heart. Each step, every kilometre, each word and every melody fulfilling a promise of discovery and remembrance.


Dream Catcher
Dream dream dream

As we follow our dreams we inevitably remain in the embrace of divine providence.  Follow your bliss and you find your bliss. Self discovery happens in surrendering not to your fears but to your dreams. As we say yes to opportunity and have faith in the divine perfection doors open and love heals.

Eyes into the sun and feet on the run we ascend to the heights of Self awareness Onwards and upwards we the on wings of faith pulled unexplainably into the furnace of open acceptance.

Big love to you our feathered family!





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