Hand Drawn – Hand Printed

One of nearest and dearest superfans, Our sweet neice. Easily the best t-shirt model ever!

I’m just loving the creative opportunities that come with pursuing this musical adventure! A couple months ago it was suggested that we get shirts made up for this string of shows, yes thats right our very own band t-shirts! Okay so another seemingly insignificant milestone for those who have printed many shirts for their touring ensemble but for me.. for us!… Its just plain old sweetness! Since I totally love design and composition and Sherry has a great eye for aesthetic and balance we dove into shirt design. We started bouncing ideas and some preliminary sketches led us to understand that sometimes while trying to draw feathers one inadvertently draws fuzzy bananas… awkward… But one must keep on keepin on, right? Right. So I ended up bringing pen drawings into the computer and the digital domain and used the best of old school technology, pen and paper, and new school technology, thank you photoshop!, to get to a functional starting place. From here we enlisted the genius skills of veteran designer and photoshop key command stealth operator Zoltan Szoges from Wildwood. Zoltan turned our hand drawn idea into a beautiful creation! Thank you thank you!

We worked with an amazing printer here in Calgary, Karolina Gajewska, who ‘hand printed’ our ‘hand drawn’ design onto made in the USA American Apparel t-shirts. We love the way these shirts came out! And since I love the finery of fine fabric I would like to joyfully acknowledge, ‘they feel fantastic on!’, gotta Love the 50/50 cotton/poly blend so cozy! (i know its no cashmere but its like hippy silk to me!!)

We’re working out how to offer digital sales soon, but for now we will be selling them from our merch table showside, back of house, face to face, el humano to el humano… so… come on down and celebrate life with us, say hi, and if you happen to need a shirt… well then have we got just what you’re looking for 😉

We love you,




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