Taking Flight – First Tour!

Flip Flap Fly! Up UP and AWAY!! Family tour!!

When I met Sherry in the summer of 2009 I was registered at UVIC to start my bachelor degree to become a teacher in the fall. I played her a few of my songs along with the story of how I loved to write and play music and she simply asked, “then why are you going to school to be a teacher?”. She believed in me from the first moment she met me. Why? Seriously I’m still not quite sure?! Sometimes I think I accidentally put a spell on her to see only my positive potential!.. Wait ? Well my spell clearly doesn’t work all the time! Haha. But seriously, she has been my biggest and most loyal supporter since those first days of falling deeply in love. She is the love of my life, my best friend, my rock, my anchor, my mischievous partner in mischievous deeds!, my muse, my wife, the mother of our beautiful son and so much more on a daily basis. Thank you sugar for believing in me even when, especially when! I don’t even believe in myself! You are the reason I sing of LOVE you have facilitated opening within me a gateway to the knowledge of Self. Thank you from the depths of my surrendered heart, I love you to the moon and back.

I feel now that you know how this vessel called WhiteBird was conceived, nurtured and grown you can understand that since the conception of our shared dream, July 9st, 2009, we have been carefully growing this entity that is just now taking interprovincial flight! Over the years we have been known musically in many different manifestations, Stella SOL, Lord and Lady Ravenshire, She Wolf and Karma, Mama and Papa Stone,  and as part of The Gumboot Collective (aka Caught in Amber, Something Special) and part of the wild and fun IMPROV band The Paradigm Shifters. Some of these handles we performed under some were only the vehicle of mental constructs that never left the house. What Im getting at is that we have been moving steadily toward the place where we are standing right this moment, Of Course!! Well, where are we your may ask? We are hours away from flying to Calgary to start our first ever tour!! A milestone? YES!! A moment for celebration? YES! A success in its own right? YES!! Am I EXCITED? Come on now surely you can feel where I’m at… YES IM THRILLED!!! If this was a paper journal you were reading right now the letters would have swelled into giant strokes of emotional expression taking larger and LARGER strides as the sentences go on! ON ward and upward! This journey is the culmination of a lifetime of dreams for myself, and to think that I get to share it with my wife, Sherry Anne, my son, Phoenix, and two dear friends, Lauren and Zoltan is just an amazing blessing! Did I mention that on top of the awesomeness of going on tour it gets even better? What I mean is that WhiteBird has been blessed with the opportunity to open for the amazing and wonderfully sweet songbird Lauren Mann! And I get to play bass for her! Yep its a quadruple header of sonic delight! maybe even a octo-header if you count all the musical blessings 😉

Phoenix packing the tour van with Lauren and Zoltan (with his tool belt on of course!)
Home sweet sweet home, ‘The Nest’. Goodbye for now sweet home! xo

So today was the day. We left our home in paradise this afternoon and while tidying up, for our lovely friends who will be house  sitting and cat petting while we are gone, Thank you you beauties :), we realized again how blessed we are to live in the magical, loving, caring community of Pender Island that we call home! So as we leave our nest and find the courage to take to the skies I pray that we see what we are meant to see, hear what we are meant to hear, let our hands be guided by the loving Spirit of our origin and our hearts cherish this breath of life we share as children of a loving  source.

We have been rehearsing our tunes and I feel great about the message of love and the themes of unity, grace, hope and faith that are prevalent in this set of songs.

So we left our island home and are bound for wild rose country…

Crossing the waters and embarking on a new adventure!

I want all of you dreamers and believers out there to hold fast to your beloved passions and know that every day THE moment is alive… Follow your bliss to find your Bliss! Carpe Diem you beauties!


In Joy,



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