Busy In The Studio

Re-recording a scratch track mid session, listen to the click! – Photo by Clark Becker

Well after demoing nearly 30 tunes we’ve picked 7 and are just over half way finished tracking. Its been an absolutely fantastic process! We’ve been blessed with help from the finest of friends and musicians. We’ve been working at  Wildwood here on Pender Island with Zoltan and Lauren Szoges and what beautiful, loving and talented musical angels they are! With their help and direction some of our longest held dreams are coming to bear fruit, so exciting!

We have had the utmost pleasure of working with some of the finest and most talented players on Pender, all of whom we are grateful to call friends. So far we’ve had Clark Becker join us playing drums, which we tracked simultaneously with bass. Clark brought his masterful command of rhythm, cadence, arrangement knowledge and just down right deep grooves to the team, thank you Clark! We’ve been tracking acoustic and electric guitars this week as well as bass and some vocals up to now. Next week we plan on tracking cello, violin, horns, keys, more vocals and other guitar textures.

I’ll post more when we get through the week!

Thanks everyone for your support through this process,

Big Love






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